Message from Senior Advisor

CED Nepal has a firm believe that income and capability poverty are important dimensions to be addressed for ensuring sustainable poverty reduction.

May 06, 2012
CED Completed Research PDF files:

VSLA Program Strategy.pdf (1488 KB) Download
VSLA Program Evaluation - II.pdf (530 KB) Download
VSLA Program Evaluation - I.pdf (1381 KB) Download
Study on Small Scale Tea Processing.pdf (1967 KB) Download
Revolving Loan Fund for MFI.pdf (310 KB) Download
Remittance in Microfinance Institutions.pdf (1020 KB) Download
PAR Analysis of Bio-gas Credit Fund.pdf (1095 KB) Download
Milk Processing Initiatives.pdf (741 KB) Download
Microfinance and Micro-enterprise Development.pdf (1931 KB) Download
Housing Microfinance.pdf (1484 KB) Download
Community Owned Microfinance Program.pdf (1199 KB) Download
Commercialization of Microinsurance.pdf (964 KB) Download
Access to Finance for Tea Sector.pdf (962 KB) Download